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Cuckold Phone Sex: My Favorite Client

Everyone has a favorite client, right? In my line of work there are many clients that are fun (real fun) to work with. And of all those, Mike is my all-time favorite. I still like to remember the first day Mike’s call came. He was funny, gentle and a bit nervous yet had a way of making me hot and wet.

Me: Hi baby, My name is Jen. Tell me what’s yours?
I asked in my sexy voice.
Him – Uhmmm.. My name is Mike.
Me- Hi Mike, I think I already like you. Your voice is very sexy.
Mike- Oh!! Thank you
I could feel the blush in his voice
Me- So Mike, my baby, what do you need me to do for you tonight?

Mike explained to me how he has an open cuckold relationship with his wife where they can fuck or chat with anyone they want and also about his cuckold fantasies.

I knew today was gonna be a great day. But cuckold phone sex? Wow, that is one of my favorite genre to work on.

Me- Oh!! Mike, Mike- so you love watching you wife get fucked by other men? That’s deep (pun intented)
The change in his breath suggested that he was starting to get turned on just hearing about his wife getting fucked by other men.
Me- Oh, Mike are you getting turned on? Do you like to see your wife spread her legs to strangers and even your friends?
Mike (his voice now filled with lust) – Yes I like seeing my wife spread her legs to strangers and my friends.

That was my que to start the role play. I was going to to Mike’s wife, who I suspect owns the famous Cheap Phone Sex list of Michael, in the role play tonight and we were gonna have some deep fun. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was wet already.
I slid my hands down my t-shirt and pulled up my bra and stroked my already hard nipples with my hand

Me- Hmm Mike, we are going on a long road trip to spend the weekend in our favorite vacation spot. We are a few hours from home and we decide to make a pit stop and get some snacks and fill up the car with some gas. I am planning to fill my pussy with a huge cock as well, if everything goes well.

Mike- Hmm yes… that’s my girl, always cock on your mind.
His words were making me horny. I cup both my breasts with my hand and squeeze my nipples.

Me- We both get out of the car at the store. You go to fill up the car and I walk in to the store. As luck would have it the cashier of the store was a middle aged, well-built guy.
I grab a snack I like and go to the counter, look the cashier in the eye and ask him
“Do you wanna fuck a bitch like me in the bathroom.”

I could see the shock in his face, but it quickly turned into a lusty smile.

He asks me if my boyfriend would mind.

I tell him that it is actually my husband and that he actually likes watching me get fucked by strangers.
Saying that I head towards the men’s bathroom and the cashier follows. As soon as we enter the bathroom he pins me against the wall and tear my T shirt. My big boobs are just hanging out of my torn T-shirt right now. He cups them and squeeze them with his hands and tell me that I have huge tits and I might have fucked around quite a lot of guys to get such huge tits.

Me (over the phone) -Yes, I have fucked a lot of guys, right Mike?
Mike - Yes Bitch, you have fucked a lot of strangers.

I continue with the story:
The cashier now pulls my hair and ask me to turn around and makes me lean on the sink. In the mirror I see you walking into the bathroom and leaning against the wall.
The cahier sees you as well. He knows you are here to watch the show.
He pushes my bra up, unzips his pants and takes out his thick cock and inserts his huge cock inside my wet, welcoming pussy.
I see you in the mirror unzipping your pants and pulling out your thick cock and stroking it slowly.

I hear mike unzip his pants over the phone.
I continue narrating the role play.

Now I am leaning my upper body against the sink, my boobs hanging and almost touching the bottom of the sink and my skirt hunched over my waist and getting fucked by a stranger at a bathroom of a department store in the middle of nowhere while my husband is jacking off, watching me get fucked.
The cahier slowing starts to slide his dick in and out of my pussy. It feels so good. He increases the pace slowly. He squeezes my nipples as he fucks me doggy style. You too increase your speed of stroking your cock.
The cashier’s pace increases. I moan in absolute pleasure. The fact that my husband is watching me get fucked doggy style, by a total stranger makes me ecstatic with pleasure. His dick moves in and out of my vagina and with every stroke the volume of my moaning increases.

Mike- Yes, a stranger is fucking my wife in a public bathroom and I love jerking off to it.

Me- He fucks harder and faster I can tell he is about to cum inside my hot, wet pussy. I am also about to reach my climax. I look at you and you are jerking your big cock faster and you too will cum any minute.
With a loud moan the cashier cums inside my tight pussy. I cum at the same time. Within seconds I see you cum too.
Then you walk out of the bathroom, satisfied watching you wife spreading her legs for another man.

Now, with a ‘plop’ the stranger takes his dick out of my pussy. I get down on my knees and lick his cock clean. He tells me how good a bitch I am and how I might have licked the cocks of many men to have learned to suck cocks this well.
With that he zips up his pant and walk out of the bathroom. I quickly get up and walk out of the bathroom past the cashier who just fucked me and into the car, my skirt still hunched up both my boobs hanging out from my torn T-shirt. You are waiting for me in the car. We restart our journey all excited and waiting for the next pit stop to get my pussy filled with a strangers cock again.

I could hear Mike’s loud moan over the phone and I knew he was cumming.

Mike was very happy about the role play that day and has been a frequent customer ever since. Sometimes even his wife joins in the convo. They are a great couple and I aspire to get a husband like Mike who would love to watch me spread open my legs anytime, anywhere to total strangers.